Music for Ministry has been created with the local church in mind. Whether it be a new church starting or an established church short on musicians, many local churches today are in need of quality, conservative accompaniment for worship services.

With this growing need, Sharon Fields felt a great desire to assist churches facing these difficulties. She grew up in a pastor's home and is married to a pastor. She has spent her life in church work and ministry and has been teaching and training church musicians for over 20 years. She is an accomplished church musician with almost 30 years of experience. Her playing style is exciting, enthusiastic and evangelistic and most of all, easy to follow and lead with.

Most accompaniment music being offered today is not created with the conservative music ministry in mind. Some of it is "stoic" and rigid, difficult to sing along to and frustrating to lead singing with. Many products available today are not "user friendly" and include "unwanted instruments" which must be removed. Sharon has eliminated all of these problems with her rich, full piano accompaniments. You can now add excitement and life to your worship services or classes with these new products!



    "I keep looking over at the piano expecting to see my blonde-headed daughter but all I see is a black box
    - my CD player. Daughter, your music is great - it has changed our services!"
      James Kimball (Sharon's Father) Pastor,
      Heritage Baptist Church, OK

    "We have found that our congregation prefers your disks above anything we have tried. You have done fundamental Baptist churches, and the Lord, a great service with your much labor. God has blessed you with
    a skill to play music that enhances the song service! We forget we do not have a 'live' pianist. Any church
    that does not have a skilled pianist should get your disks. They may find, as we have, an answer
    to their prayers."
      Ted Patterson, Pastor,
      Jacksonville Baptist Temple, AR

    "I've never heard anything this good. This is fantastic!"
      Dan Hessler, Pastor

"MFM has added an elegant and tasteful touch to our music ministry it has allowed us to enhance our worship experience and broaden our congregation song repertoire.  It is the best music ministry product for small and medium churches on the market. "

    Brad Finkbeiner, Pastor,
    Union Valley Baptist, AR


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